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    Messy Play for Gold Coast Kids

    Here on the Gold Coast, we're lucky to have a number of different options available to us for our kids to join in on messy play. Each week you'll find new themes and tray set ups, each carefully thought out and designed to excite and engage all of your children's senses. So what are you waiting for - get those old clothes out, pack the towels and head on over to one of these great Messy Play options!

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    Easy Choc Zucchini Muffins

    Lunchbox snacks are now high on the priority list in our household, and I'll take any chance to pack these with extra nutrients! These are the perfect chocolatey muffins, but little ones will never know the secret ingredient is actually, really good for them!

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    Easy Gold Coast walks to take with the kids

    The Gold Coast is home to heaps of fabulous spots to take the family for a walk! Now more than ever, families are looking for options that get them out of the house, but also allow them to stick to the outdoors and keep away from the crowds. I've pulled together a list of 16 places to take an easy walk with the kids, and many of them would be perfect for bikes or scooters, most have a playground involved, and some even have animals to spot!

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    The first 3 months – Gold Coast businesses supporting new mothers

    Sharing the things that helped me to get through the first 3 months. Every baby is different, and so there is always help to be sought and tips and tricks to be found. It is fantastic to see how much support and how many amazing businesses there are on the Gold Coast! I really didn't need to look further than my own back yard to find the answers to so many of my problems and questions. Here's who helped me get through the fourth trimester.

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    Best mega slides on the Gold Coast

    The only thing kids love more than a playground, is a playground with a MEGA SLIDE! We're talking the biggest of the biggest here, usually a tunnel slide and at least 3 stories high to make it on this select list. I've rounded up the Best Mega Slides on the Gold Coast here in one spot, so you can tick them each off your list and say you've conquered them all! What are you waiting for, get out there!

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    DIY Sensory Boxes

    One thing that is always great to have on hand is a sensory box. They don't have to be complex, but something that will occupy little hands and minds for an hour or so is very useful! Here are 3 DIY sensory boxes I've created for our playroom that are already on high rotation.