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12 days of Christmas – Magic Christmas Milk

Science activities are a real hit with my child, more so than craft activities. Watching them understand what is happening and exploring an activity further is really interesting! This Christmas magic milk is a simple experiment that will have kids combining colours and getting creative.

All you need is a medium sized shallow tub, dish or tray. You need to be able to pour about 1cm deep of milk across the dish. Then add a few drops of food colouring across the top – I used red and green for Christmas colours, but you could use any colours you have. In a small separate dish, add some dish soap (full strength works better than the natural/organic products, but both types will work) and grab some cotton buds.

Let your child dip the end of a cotton bud in the dish soap and then place it directly into the food dye spots in the milk. Watch as the colour moves away from the cotton bud, forming rings! With each dip of the dish soap, they’ll create a reaction with the colour. Encourage them to draw different shapes, swirl it around, whatever they want! Once it’s all mixed together, they might want to get their hands in there too for some final fun.

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