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Ideas for celebrating New Years at home with kids

With younger children, sometimes we just have to admit that a night out at the fireworks for New Year’s Eve isn’t going to work. There’s no fun in cranky, tired children thrown in amongst huge crowds!! It’s more than ok to stay home and celebrate instead! But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Here are some ideas that we’ll be using to make our celebrations special and fun.

Paper Plate Shakers for New Year’s Eve

I loved this tutorial from The Centsible Life to make these easy party shakers! They are the perfect addition to our New Year’s Eve dance party. You can put your own twist on them and design them however you like – for ours we used glitter paint and glue and let the kids get decorating.

DIY Pom Pom Party Poppers

These pom pom party poppers are perfect for little children or those who are a bit more sensitive to loud noises. No need for messy one-pop party poppers, make these simple cup and balloon poppers and fill with pom poms! Noise free, they are refillable and the kids can pop all night long.

Firework painting

To get in the mood for your New Year’s Eve party, why not kick start things with some firework paintings? This is an old favourite that the kids will love. Grab some empty toilet rolls and finely cut strips all around the roll, stopping halfway up. Fold the strips out and dip into paint. The stamping effect on paper looks amazing! Try white paint layered with other colours on black paper for a night time effect.

Glow stick balloons

Amp up your typical party balloons by adding glow sticks to the mix! Before inflating, set a glow stick off and put it in the balloon. Once inflated, you’ll have yourself some glowing balloons!

Confetti balloon pop

For our ‘midnight’ celebration we’re going to do a balloon pop. While you can stuff your celebration balloons with anything you might like, I’m keeping it simple and we’ll use some confetti balloons that I have. The kids won’t know, and when they pop the balloon at ‘midnight’ they’ll find a confetti surprise!