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    The Celebration Journal

    Here is the solution to no longer spending money on expensive cards, or homemade treasures shoved in a drawer to gather dust. Get yourselves a Celebration Journal!! On each special occasion, the journal comes out and the kids can draw or write something special. Birthdays, Mother's Day, even Easter or Christmas - the Journal has you covered! 

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    Ideas for celebrating New Years at home with kids

    With younger children, sometimes we just have to admit that a night out at the fireworks for New Year's Eve isn't going to work. There's no fun in cranky, tired children thrown in amongst huge crowds!! It's more than ok to stay home and celebrate instead! But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun! Here are some ideas that we'll be using to make our celebrations special and fun.

  • Easter

    Easter for Gold Coast Kids

    Last year we missed out on all the great Easter events, but I'm pleased to say things are back in 2021! There are so many great free and low cost community events scheduled for the Easter weekend and school holidays, so be sure to check out this guide and register for your favourites!

  • Christmas

    Christmas Time: Reindeer Food

    A sprinkle of magic Reindeer Food on Christmas Eve is guaranteed to help Santa and his reindeer find your house to deliver presents! While you can buy some in shops now, it's not always animal friendly (please, don't use glitter!!), and it's so easy to make some yourself instead. Whip some of this up and be sure to sprinkle it on the lawn before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

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    Christmas Time: Paper Plate Trees

    Paper plate Christmas trees are a great way to get creative with your kids paintings! Set up paper plates to be painted instead of paper, and let them paint away. Then with a few snips of the scissors plus a few decorations, you have yourself a Christmas tree!

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    Christmas Time: Santa Spotters

    Help your children spot Santa in the sky on Christmas Eve with these cute DIY Santa spotters! A fun way to remember the great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, use those empty rolls to make some binoculars and let your kids decorate as they please. Hang them on your tree until Christmas Eve!

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    Christmas Time: Chocolate Christmas Tree

    Kids love to bake, but finding recipes that are short enough to keep them interested without leaving you to finish everything off can be hard. This Chocolate Pastry Christmas Tree uses only 3 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to make!