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Valentine’s Day love wall for kids

You should know by now, that I love a theme! If there is an occasion to be celebrated I will go hard on that theme and incorporate it in our play. It really is the easiest way to inspire new play ideas! While Valentine’s Day is traditionally about telling your partner how much you love them, there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be about saying “I love you” to anyone you care about, especially our children!

Inspired by a post on Skip To My Lou, who ‘heart attacked’ her children’s bedroom doors, I love this idea of writing out love notes for your child and covering their bedroom door. Do 1 love note a day for 14 days, or love bomb the door on the night of the 13th.

Aside from being a fun Valentine’s Day treat for your children, I feel it’s important to make sure our children always know how much they are loved without exception. Often the phrase ‘I love you’ can be lost amongst the many other autopilot phrases we say throughout the day. With so many small moments as you go about your day prompting you to say ‘I love you’, your child might stop connecting with the phrase and it could mean as much as you saying ‘don’t forget your shoes’. By mixing things up a bit and telling them exactly WHAT you love about them, you’ll be reconnecting and emphasising the truth of your love.

Some ideas for your love notes:

  • I love seeing the amazing person you are becoming
  • I love reading books with you
  • I love listening to stories about your day
  • I love that you always try your best
  • I love your smile, it brightens my day!
  • I love cuddling on the couch with you