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    DIY Sensory Boxes

    One thing that is always great to have on hand is a sensory box. They don't have to be complex, but something that will occupy little hands and minds for an hour or so is very useful! Here are 3 DIY sensory boxes I've created for our playroom that are already on high rotation.

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    Christmas Time: Paper Plate Trees

    Paper plate Christmas trees are a great way to get creative with your kids paintings! Set up paper plates to be painted instead of paper, and let them paint away. Then with a few snips of the scissors plus a few decorations, you have yourself a Christmas tree!

  • Christmas,  Play at home

    Christmas Time: Santa Spotters

    Help your children spot Santa in the sky on Christmas Eve with these cute DIY Santa spotters! A fun way to remember the great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, use those empty rolls to make some binoculars and let your kids decorate as they please. Hang them on your tree until Christmas Eve!

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    Christmas Time: DIY Snowglobes

    Children's Christmas ornaments are always a fun keepsake to look back on, especially when it involves an element that reminds you of how small they were! These snowglobes are a heap of fun to add to your mantle and will be a great memento in the years to come.

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    Christmas Time: Reindeer Biscuits

    Baking with kids can sometimes be more stressful than it is worth. That's why super simple "baking" activities like these reindeer biscuits are my favourite! It gets the kids involved but there is minimal mess and it's easy to do.

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    Christmas Time: Gingerbread playdoh

    Put a spin on your traditional playdoh mix and make some gingerbread playdoh! Perfect for little people to pretend baking cookies, this is a great addition to any play kitchens or just get it out on the kitchen bench while you're cooking and let them join in.