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Christmas Time: Paper Plate Trees

Paper plate Christmas trees are a great way to get creative with your kids paintings! Set up paper plates to be painted instead of paper, and let them paint away. Then with a few snips of the scissors plus a few decorations, you have yourself a Christmas tree!

Using some paper plates, let your child paint the plate how they wish. The example I’ve done I painted the plate green, but it doesn’t matter what colours they use! Once they have dried, cut them up into 3 segments, with one of the segments slightly smaller than the others.

Stack the segments into a tree shape, using the smallest one to make the top of the tree. Staple them together to hold shape.

Set out some glitter glue, pom poms and any other decorations you might have. It can be as simple as some cut out shapes from paper or magazines!! Let your child decorate their tree with the decorations you have until your tree is complete.