Christmas,  Play at home

Christmas Time: Santa Spotters

Help your children spot Santa in the sky on Christmas Eve with these cute DIY Santa spotters! A fun way to remember the great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, use those empty rolls to make some binoculars and let your kids decorate as they please. Hang them on your tree until Christmas Eve!

Use sticky tape to stick two rolls together, side by side. Thread some string or ribbon through them so that it can be worn around the neck.

I pulled out all my craft supplies and found things like glitter pom poms, glitter glue, stickers and foam shapes. You can use anything you’ve got! We used some craft glue to stick everything down, older kids could use a hot glue gun if you wish – craft glue does need a little time to dry off.

Set your child up so they can decorate as they please. They might want to colour in or use paint too – let them get creative!

Once finished, we hung ours on the Christmas tree to use on Christmas eve when we put our Reindeer food out in the garden.