Christmas Time: Chocolate Christmas Tree

Kids love to bake, but finding recipes that are short enough to keep them interested without leaving you to finish everything off can be hard. This Chocolate Pastry Christmas Tree uses only 3 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to make!

How to make:

Lay out 2 pieces of puff pastry on the bench, and chop the corners off the top 2 sides as pictured, so you have a triangle with a square base.

Cover one piece of pastry with Nutella (or other chocolate spread, or you could use jam!), and then layer the other piece on top to cover.

Using the scraps you cut off, piece together a star and place on top. I put chocolate in between these too!

Using a knife, cut lines on each side into the ‘tree’, leaving a 3-4cm strip in the middle uncut. I trimmed a bit off the bottom too, to give it a tree base.

Twist each of the strips gently until the entire tree is twisted up.

Brush over the pastry with some egg, and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes on 180 degrees celcius.

Best eaten warm but can be eaten cold – although ours was gobbled up straight away with no leftovers!