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An afternoon tea with Peppa Pig

My littlest just turned 3, and to celebrate we decided to have a small afternoon tea with family and a few close friends. When asked what theme he wanted, he was quick to say Peppa Pig! Having just got back from an overseas holiday, I didn’t want to go to too much trouble, but a few simple and effective pieces pulled the fun together. He had a delightful time, and I really enjoyed actually being able to sit and talk to guests – just a reminder that sometimes the most simple of gatherings really is all we need!

A super easy cake option – the Costco mud cake! We went with a “muddy puddles” cake, so I added a little chocolate ganache on the edge to put some ‘fence posts’ and ‘green grass’ on the cake, and used some toy figures that we had.

These daisy cookies are very easy to make, and look so cute when complete! Get the kids involved in making these, check out the recipe here.

Some little piggy noses! Marshmallows with a touch of chocolate icing on them for nostrils. I dipped the white marshmallows in some pink coloured chocolate to add something extra.

Duck pond jelly – a change on the old “frog in a pond”, some blue jelly with a little duck cut out were a real hit with the kids.