First birthday gifts for boys

With Master A turning one recently, and another eight first birthday parties to attend (didn’t think that part through when we formed a mother’s group of all May babies!!) I’ve seen a lot of gift ideas!! I thought I’d round up some of my favourites in a few price categories, catering for those buying for their son, grandson, nephew, family member or friend!

Over $100

Why not consider some of the amazing keepsake gifts that are out there! These are all beautiful gifts that your little one can hold on to for years to come (and maybe even pass down to their own children!).

Under $50

There are some great personalised options, or toys with a few extra “bells and whistles” at this price point. Alternatively, why not consider a good pair of shoes for the early walker?

Under $20

Plenty of 1st birthday parties to attend and a budget to stick to? These are great value options that deliver bang for their buck.