Favourite apps to make parenting easier

While our parents were largely in the parenting ‘wilderness’ and had to go off advice handed down from well-meaning grandparents of a different generation, parents today are lucky to have access to advice, research and tools – all in the palm of their hand. There are so many great apps developed to help with all elements of parenting and life, these are some of my favourites!

Baby tracker

When your head is foggy from lack of sleep, the hardest thing to do is remember when you last fed the baby, changed the baby or put the baby down for a nap. While mums have come up with nifty tricks to help them out, the Baby Tracker app delivers the simplest method, right to the palm of your hand. With a breastfeeding logger, nappy change tracker, sleep logger, growth tracker, milestone logger and health logger, everything you could possibly need to keep track of is in this app! Even better, it has an option to sync data with multiple devices, meaning you can easily share with all caregivers.

Wonder Weeks

Ever wondered why your baby is suddenly so very, very fussy? But then suddenly, they’re not? Or thought to yourself, “gee, I wish I knew what was going on in that little head of theirs?”. Well, this is the app for you! The book “The Wonder Weeks” became a best-seller when it was released, with its detailed research into infant development in the first 18 months and insights into the ten periods of rapid development known as leaps. Taking the book one step further, The Wonder Weeks app allows you to actually track your baby’s development against those leaps!! So, when you’re having one of ‘those days’, you can whip out your app and see if they’re in a leap and often get an explanation of why your child is behaving the way they are. It honestly can predict those ‘stormy’ times with uncanny accuracy! While it won’t help you change their behaviour, it certainly helps mentally deal with the ups and downs when you know WHY they are behaving this way. I certainly was able to sympathise a lot more with my bub on those restless nights or fussy feeding days after reading and understanding that developmental leap.

Baby Sleep Magic

The Baby Sleep Magic App is a virtual in-home consultation, relevant from newborn through to 4 years of age. With age specific sleep plans, nutrition packages and resources, they are developed by qualified professionals and customised to your babies current age. With the app you’ll reduce night wakings, increase nap times, manage sickness, teething and regressions, set up flexible routines and help your baby fall asleep independently.

Feed Safe

Developed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, the Feed Safe app is allowing mums across the country to have their glass of wine and ensure they are still safely feeding their baby. Let’s be honest, after nine months without a drink, most of us are more than ready to have a small glass – even if it’s just to celebrate the new arrival or a special occasion! With this app, you input when you had your first drink and how many you’ve had, and it will work out when your breastmilk will be free of alcohol and safe to feed.

Fuel Apps (BPme, Ampol app, Shell app)

You know what you don’t realise you took for granted until you had kids? Paying for petrol. Once there are kids in tow, the precision planning that needs to go into getting fuel is insane. My husband or I would make a special trip just to the service station to fill up while the baby was asleep at home, but more likely than not, you’re going to have to refuel with them in the car. Petrol companies now have apps you can download that let you pay for your fuel at the pump! No more getting the kids out of the car to make the trip to the cashier – winning!!

Annabel Karmel

When the time came to start solids, I had no clue where to start. A desperate cry for help to my mother’s group, “what puree combinations do you do?” led me to find out about Annabel Karmel and her plethora of baby and children’s cook books. I devoured the content in these, but my life changed when I found out she also had an Annabel Karmel app. So many of her awesome recipes are available in the app, as well as a family meal planner that also allows you to put together your shopping list from the meals you pick.