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    Gold Coast Kids Holiday Guide – Summer 2023

    The Summer school holidays are here and this action packed guide will be sure to keep everyone in the family occupied! Click through the magazine below to view the completely interactive guide with links direct to bookings and further information! To make the guide larger, click the zoom button, or go full screen with the square icon beside the zoom button.

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    Our Summer Bucket List

    I'm sharing our Family Summer Bucket List today, our go-to list of things we want to do over the Summer! Whenever we have a ‘what shall we do today’ moment, we can refer to our trusty list and tick something else off! Family Bucket Lists are a great way of getting through school holiday boredom, but also as a way of reminding us to stop and do some of the more simple things in life. Enjoy!

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    7 end of Summer Gold Coast activities for families

    Did you know that there are only 4 weekends left of this Summer!? Before we know it, Winter will be here so we are packing in family activities each week before the weather changes. To help you and family to make the most of the next few weekends, I’ve rounded up a list of activities to enjoy. Hopefully some of these are just as fun for you as they are for your little ones!

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    Family friendly Gold Coast events to watch for in 2020

    There are so many events on year round on the Gold Coast, but there are a few in particular that capture the hearts of residents and are not to be missed. Be sure to add these to your calendar and make sure to take the family for a visit! Sand Safari: 14 Feb-1 March Prepare to experience the largest and greatest sand sculpt competition that ever was, The Australian Sand Sculpting Championships (ASSC). Be amazed when 15 world-renowned sculptors, go head-to-head to take out the highly acclaimed title by creating 10-tonne sand sculpts revealing your favourite fairy tale classics. Witness an integral part of the festival happening over an intensifying…