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Farm & Co, Kingscliff

Have you ever seen those beautiful sunny sunflower fields pop up in your social media feeds? While most head to Byron Bay or Warwick to snap their selfie with a sunflower, a little known but ever so amazing sunflower field is actually a lot closer than you realise! Enter Farm & Co – what was once just an avocado farm in Cudgen (just outside of Kingscliff), realised the potential in their sunflower field and business has been booming since they also opened a stunning farm-to-plate café alongside their popular produce market.

Pulling up in the carpark after the 40-50 minute drive down from the Gold Coast, you’re welcomed by a cute little market building bursting with fresh produce and flowers. Stop by here first to pay your entry fee to the farm ($5 per adult, kids are free) and then make your way through the farm gate and out to the fields! This place is a kids paradise. They can run as far as their little legs can take them, yet parents can be at ease knowing that with the way the fields are set up, you have a great line of sight across the farm and it will take a lot for them to get away from you! You can wander through the veggie fields, swing on a hammock under the macadamia trees and say hello to the farm animals (Hank the Pig and Chickpea the Calf, along with many, many chickens!).

But the main reason most visit Farm & Co is to explore the sunflower fields and get snap happy with their cameras! There are 2 fields, both a reasonable size but easy enough to walk around. It is also easy enough to walk into the fields and get up close and personal with the flowers – but do keep in mind to be gentle. The bright yellow of the flowers is really a sight to behold, and children and adults alike are sure to come away grinning, the happiness is infectious! If you would like to take some flowers home with you, you can cut your own for $4 a stem.

After spending time exploring, you’re bound to have worked up an appetite! The café on site serves delicious, farm-fresh food, and the menu is entirely vegetarian. The menu is small, but definitely leaves you impressed with its creativity! Kids aren’t forgotten, with a special all-day kids menu available. If you aren’t up for a meal, there are dairy-free ice-creams, smoothies and milkshakes available too.

We really had a great morning here, but our hot tip would be to come early on the weekend. Farm & Co is open from 9am on weekends, so hit the road early and make it for breakfast. By mid-morning the place was filling up and getting a table at the café was hard!

Need to know:

Address: 529 Cudgen Road, Cudgen NSW

Entry fee: $5 per adult, kids are free. Entry to the market shop and cafe is free. Sunflowers can be cut and purchased for $4 a stem.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm, Sat & Sun 9am – 4pm