Play at home

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I love to take inspiration for play at home activities from our bookcase! A favourite book of ours is “Row, row, row your boat”, so we decided to take our love for this book and make some little sail boats!

BOATS: We made two kinds of boats to compare how well they both sailed. Check out your local parks for seed pods and leaves that could be used! We collected the seed pods and red leaves on our daily walk. Sponge boats are also great fun and simple to make with the addition of a paper sail on a skewer!

LEARNING: During this activity, we talked about how our boats floated and how they felt when they got wet. One of our seed pods also filled with water and capsized, so we learnt about what happens when things flood!

CHILD INVOLVEMENT: Depending on the age of your child, get them to help make the boat! My 1.5yo was a bit too little to help with the assembly, but I got him to read the book beside me while I made the boats and we talked about what we were making and how it matched the book.