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Baby Bubble Spa, Oxenford

There’s no doubting that everyone loves a good spa day – so why wouldn’t our babies!?

My Baby Bubble Spa is Queensland’s first Baby Massage, Spa and Wellness Centre for Parents and Babies. They only offer treatments that have been proven to be safe and beneficial for your baby’s wellness, and they boast a team of highly trained professionals from registered midwives to baby wellness providers. The mineral heated hydrotherapy spas have many benefits for babies, including strengthening bones and muscles, to cardiovascular development.

Book a single session, or go with a group, there are plenty of options to book for your baby. You need to make sure your bub is wearing 2 swim nappies (cloth or disposable, but they must wear 2), and once your baby is ready and content, you’re shown how to put on the baby neck float and given time to make sure your baby is ok with it.

You’re able to have a 30 minute spa, but this is dependent on how your baby handles that amount of time and they will take bub out earlier if they see any signs of distress. While they start in the neck float, this requires them to work really hard on their core muscles. After a little bit, your bub might get pretty tired from this float, and they’ll switch them into a bigger float that they can recline on and relax. These floats are also used for older babies who are too big for the neck floats.

An added option you can book is to have a baby massage at the end of your spa – a nice little treat if it’s just your bub or maybe one other with you. You’re able to be taught some basics of baby massage while you perform it on your baby, or have the staff member do the massage. By the end of all this, most babies are ready for some milk and a sleep! Some bubs fall asleep before they’ve even left the building.

My Baby Bubble Spa is a great option for a fun date with your baby, or for those looking for some potential relief from settling and sleep problems. Plus, how cute are the photos of floating bubs!

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Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 3pm. Bookings essential. Sometimes they offer twilight sessions which are great fun!

Location: Shop 5, 110 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford 4210