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Outlook Park, Ormeau

While the playground at Outlook Park, Ormeau may be tiny, it’s the surprise bike tracks that make this a fabulous spot to visit! Set on a steep slope, Outlook Park is laid out over three levels. At the top you’ll find a small playground best suited for under 6’s, and then on the middle and lower level you’ll find two bike tracks that are perfect for racing on.

The small playground at the top is ideally built for toddlers. Everything is easily accessible, it is covered with shade cloth and the base is soft fall rubber. There’s a picnic shelter and a BBQ here as well. Unfortunately there are no toilets here.

The two bike tracks at Outlook Park are great for bikes, skateboards, scooters or rollerskates! Kids will love lining up at the start line and racing the loops to the finish. There is even a dais at each track for some pretend play medal ceremonies! The tracks can get a little hot, but there is a shelter at the middle level track that provides some reprieve on sunny days.

Need to know:

  • Address: Outlook Park, Cnr Arrowsmith Cres and Chamberlain Rise, Ormeau Hills
  • Facilities: playground, BBQ, picnic shelter, bike track, gym equipment