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    Learn to ride bike tracks for Gold Coast kids

    Across the Gold Coast we are lucky enough to have a number of parks with custom built learn to ride bike tracks, helping parents to teach their budding riders! These tracks are designed to expose children to road markings, signs, pedestrian crossings and hills while in the safety of a miniature streetscape, and are perfect for riding anything with wheels – trikes, bikes, skateboards, scooters and balance bikes. Here are the best learn to ride bike tracks for Gold Coast kids that you need to check out!

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    Outlook Park, Ormeau

    While the playground at Outlook Park, Ormeau may be tiny, it's the surprise bike tracks that make this a fabulous spot to visit! Set on a steep slope, Outlook Park is laid out over three levels. At the top you'll find a small playground best suited for under 6's, and then on the middle and lower level you'll find two bike tracks that are perfect for racing on.

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    Deodar Park, Burleigh Waters

    With a total of 7 slides, including a mega slide, Deodar Park at Burleigh Waters is a dream come true for those who love a slide! There are activities at every turn including a flying fox, swings, see saw, balance rope and fenced BMX pump track.

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    Celadon Park, The Surrounds Helensvale

    Celadon Park has to be by far one of my favourite 0-5 year old playgrounds across the Coast, due to the endless opportunities for imaginative play! The highlight of this park is definitely the bike track, incorporating traffic signs, a petrol station, fire station and small pump track. Don't forget the bikes or scooters on this visit!