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Abbott Park, Parkwood

Abbott Park at Parkwood is home to a fun learn to ride track, as well as two older style playgrounds, a BMX track, a basketball court and a dog off leash park.

Most visited for its learn to ride track, this is suited to younger children on trikes, balance bikes and pedal bikes. Children can ride around roundabouts, over bumps and follow traffic directions, all in a safe and controlled environment. For older kids, the parklands has great open spaces and lots of pathways for bike riding, and at the top of the parklands is a BMX track for more experienced riders.

The playgrounds here are simple and could do with an upgrade, but younger children will be happy. The basics including slides, swings and tunnels are there, and they have a sand base so be sure to pack some trucks and a shovel to extend your visit.

This is a popular parkland due to its size, with lots of reasons to visit. The basketball court near the Parkwood Boulevard entrance is well used, as is the off leash dog enclosure near Woodlands Way. Be aware that there are no toilets at this parkland.

Need to know

Address: best parking for playground is on Parkwood Boulevard, Parkwood, best parking for BMX track and dog off leash is Woodlands Way, Parkwood.

Facilities: shade covered playgrounds, learn to ride track, BMX track, dog off leash enclosure, basketball court. No toilets.