• Eating out,  Free to do,  Playgrounds

    Latte Lounge, Southport

    Kids love playgrounds, parents love coffee – it’s a simple fact. The people behind Latte Lounge at Southport know this, and have created the perfect space that is drawing parents and children in from across the Gold Coast!

  • Attractions,  Family adventures

    Dig It, Tamborine Mountain

    Dig It Tamborine Mountain is Queensland's first mini excavator park for kids big and small! Here, you will sit in the drivers seat of real excavator machinery and participate in construction-inspired activities. It's fully instructed fun for kids and their parents too! You don't need any experience, just a willingness to give it a go.

  • Recipes

    Daisy Cookies

    I love simple recipes to make with the kids - bonus points if they look cute too! These Daisy Cookies are the best combination: only a few ingredients that you'll definitely have on hand, and easy enough to make that the kids will love joining in.

  • Bikes & wheels,  Playgrounds

    Tallowwood Park, Upper Coomera

    What a great park Tallowwood Park is for the little kids! With a large open green space dotted with shady trees, a beautiful lake with ducks, a small but adrenalin-packed bike track and a fenced playground - there really isn't more that you could ask for here!

  • Easter,  Recipes

    Easter Egg Rocky Road

    If your kids are anything like mine, they don't actually like to eat their Easter eggs. Gathering and counting, yep. Eating, nope. Last year I turned to the old trick of using up Easter eggs to make rocky road, and boy oh boy was it a good decision! The monotony of egg after egg is broken up by bites of flavoursome goodness.